Civil society activists initiated a petition to release some convicts during the COVID-19 pandemic

An online petition has been initiated by Azerbaijani civil society actors, human rights defender and lawyers an other citizens to call the authorities to release the prisoners due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In petition it is stated that the poor quality of food and overcrowdedness of the detention centers becomes especially problematic during the pandemic and may lead to the aggravated issues.
Upholding the humanist values, safety and right to health of the convicts, the signatories join the petition with the appeal for the adoption of an act of amnesty and decree of pardon for the release of group of convicts. Among the suggested group of the people are women, war veterans, people arrested with political motivation according to the local human rights lawyers and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  The intended results of the petition are sought to offer relief to the penitentiary system and increase the international reputation of Azerbaijan. The petition is only for the Azerbaijani citizens to join.
The text of the petition can be accessed here in full