COVID-19 IV bulletin

May 25th, 2020


Most of the quarantine-related restrictions are lifted in Azerbaijan, however partial lock-down is to end on the 31st of May. SMS permit system to leave for outdoors has been cancelled whereas borders remain closed.

As of May 25th, there have been 4122 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection with 2607 people were recovered and 49 died. The number of people infected fluctuates around 100 in recent weeks.

EMDS has been issuing regular reports on the abuse of the rules of the quarantine regime against political opponents and government critics.[1] Until now, more than 40 political activists, human rights defenders and journalists have been accused of bogus charges, such as breaching the rules of the quarantine regime and disobeying the police and faced fines, administrative arrests, online smearing campaigns, cyberattacks, criminal cases against them etc. This document covers the new cases of political opportunism and attacks in times of the COVID-19 outbreak until 25nd of May together with previously unreported ones.

For the full document, download the file here

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