Observers talk about obstacles from district election commissions

Long-term observers at the municipal elections spoke about the problems created by the district election commissions in the capital and regions. In particular, they are denied registration and driven away, calling them “provocateurs.”

“In the District Electoral Commission of the 34th Khatai second district, I was expelled,  and  they called me“ a journalist, a provocateur,” said observer Nihad Huseyn. This happened despite the fact that the CEC registered him as a long-term observer.

“Having registered with the CEC, I came to the district election commission of the 34th Khatai second district and found members of the commission playing backgammon. When I said that I wanted to be an observer, they took me to the chair’s office. The man in the office rudely told me: “Who sent you here? You are a journalist, a provocateur, get out of here. ” After which I was taken out of the building,” Huseyn said.

However, the head of the district commission of the specified district, Rafael Mehdiev, denied the words of the observer.

Another group of observers complains about the 115th Sheki rural district election commission, where they were registered in only one precinct.

In the 101st Hegel-Dashkesan district election commission, observers were denied registration under the pretext that they do not live in this territory.

For the request of Turan agency, the indicated election commissions stated that those observers whose documents  are in order would be registered.

In turn, the head of the CEC’s public relations department, Shahin Asadli, told Turan that those who want to observe the elections could contact the district election commissions go through registration and get the right to monitor in all areas of this constituency.

He called it wrong to attribute observers to specific sites. If someone encounters problems, they may turn to the CEC, Asadli noted.