Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) is non-partisan non-governmental organization working towards development of electoral system, civil society and democracy in Azerbaijan.
EMDS conducted long-term and short-term observation of the 9 October 2013 Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan in cooperation with the International Cooperation of Volunteers (ICV) Public Union and produced two interim reports on the results of the long-term observation.

EMDS and ICV organized long-term observation with support of 32 observers and short-term observation in cooperation with 794 observers. Observation of the Election Day was carried out in 769 polling randomly selected polling stations across the country through Statistically Based Observation.

EMDS believes that all stages of the 9 October Presidential Elections ─ political environment prior to the elections, legal framework, voting and vote tabulation ─ should be assessed separately against the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its commitments before the international

The long-term observation of the organization showed that no improvement in freedom to assembly and association, as well as freedom of expression and media was made during the elections. On the contrary, politically motivated arrests and persecutions has increased since beginning of 2013.

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