On July 12, new skirmishes outbroke in the borderline between Azerbaijan and Armenia, near the Tovuz district, which as a result both sides have lost personnel members with 11 personnel members and one civilian, resident of Tovuz, from Azerbaijan. Following this, at the night of the 14th of July, citizens from capital Baku and surrounding areas initiated a rally towards central Baku. The rally participants mostly gathered in front of the Parliament building and the Freedom Square. The main slogans of the rally were about the support to the army and the demands of accountability.

Generally, the course of the events was accompanied by several human rights violations. First of all, the freedom of peaceful assembly of the rallygoers was violated while police officers aggressively dispersed the rally. Near the end of the rally, police used disproportionate force against participants whereas there were reports of detention of more than 70 people across the central Baku afterward. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the launch of the criminal case about 7 people for entering the parliament building.

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