Report on court trials on “” (September, 2018-August, 2019)

This report is based on information collected from the regional monitors of EMDS who have observed politically motivated court trials and published on the from September, 2018 to August, 2019. Complaints and observations happened during this period have shown that no significant step has been taken to ensure that human rights and freedoms are respected and protected by domestic courts. The measures taken were superfluous and did not contribute to the elimination of human rights violations. As a result, the problem of political prisoners remains unresolved in the country. At present, up to 117 political prisoners in the country have been registered by the Working Group on Political Prisoners. There were administrative arbitrariness in using the authority, the unfair arbitrary decisions made by the courts, the persecution of political activists and the discrimination. EMDS recorded 57 (32 cases) politically motivated court trials where the right to fair trial has been violated. Observations show that, there is an increase in the number of violations of right to fair trial compared to previous reported period.

For the full report, download the file here.