Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) and International Cooperation of Volunteers Public Union (ICV) conducted long-term observation of the 9 October 2013 Presidential Elections (10 August-14 September) of the Republic of Azerbaijan in two stages – nomination and registration of candidates and election campaigning. The First Interim Report on the results of long-term observation was released on 16 September 2013.

EMDS and ICV believe that all stages of the 9 October 2013 Presidential Election − pre-election environment, legal framework, freedom to participate in election, nomination and registration of candidates, election campaigning, voting and vote tabulation − should be separately assessed based on requirements of the Constitution and international commitments of Azerbaijan.

EMDS and ICV carry out long-term and short-term observation of the upcoming Presidential Elections. Long-term observation has started from the date of the decision on the holding elections has been officially published and will continue till the official publication of the results of election. The long-term observation of the election is conducted with support of 31 professionally trained observers in 125 election constituencies. The current report reflects data from 97 election constituencies.

Moreover, EMDS and ICV will conduct short-term observation of election collaborating with nonpartisan volunteer observers registered at election commission on individual basis in 15 percent of polling stations in the country. The preliminary statement on the result of monitoring will be released on 10 October following the Election Day.

This report is designed on the basis of the long-term observation of the second stage of the 9 October 2013 Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan.

EMDS and ICV notes with regret that the government failed to demonstrate progress in democratization of political environment, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association during the election campaigning period.

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