Recently Prosecutor General’s Office for Investigation of Grave Crimes lifted ban on several journalists’ and political activists’ leaving Azerbaijan.

On 14 April, the ban was lifted for Ilgar Mammadov, the chairman of the Real Party, and for the journalist Aynur Elgunesh on May 1. On May 3, nearly 10 journalists gathered in front of the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office for Investigation of Grave Crimes in order to demand the removal of their travel ban, which was applied to them since 2015. The name of four  of them – Izolda Aghayeva, Salima Jalilova, Natig Javadli and Rasim Garaja, who took part in the rally on May 6, were withdrawn from the list.

In the EMDS’s Assessment Report on politically motivated travel bans issued on February 2019, the number of activists who are banned from leaving the country was 30. Since that date, a total of six people’s travel ban has been lifted, and another 2 people were added to the list of people prohibited from leaving the country. At present, the number of people subjected to travel ban is 26.

Name Profession Organization
1. Shahvalad Namazov Freelance journalist
2. Khadija Ismayilova Freelance journalist
3. Babak Bakir Freelance journalist
4. Sevinj Abbasova Freelance journalist
5. Aytan Alakbarova Freelance journalist
6. Aynura Heydarova Freelance journalist
7. Aytaj Ahmadova Freelance journalist
8. Elnur Mukhtar Freelance journalist
9. Shirin Abbasov Freelance journalist
10. Tural Asadov Journalist “” news website
11. Aziz Orujov Journalist “Kanal 13” internet TV
12. Mustafa Hajibayli Journalist “” news website
13. Anar Mammadov Journalist “” news website
14. Intigam Aliyev Human Rights Defender Legal Education Society
15. Asabali Mustafayev Human Rights Defender Democracy and Human Rights Resource Centre
16. Annaghı Hajibayli Human Rights Defender Azerbaijan Lawyers’ Association
17. Emin Aslan Freelance human Rights lawyer
18. Ali Karimli Politician Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
19. Azar Gasimli Politician Republican Alternative Party
20. Ayaz Maharramli Politician Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
21. Elshan Tahmazov Politician Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
22. Akram Aylisli Writer-novelist
23. Leyla Aliyeva Political Analyst National and International Research Centre
24. Fatima Movlamli Journalist Objective TV
25. Vugar Ali Education manager Code Academy
26. Abulfaz Sadigov Politician Chairman of Musavat Youth Organisation