COVID-19 V bulletin

Information bulletin

of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center

on abuses the COVID-19 response actions during quarantine regime in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is currently under extended quarantine regime until the 15th of June. Most of the restrictions are lifted, however, temporarily harsh quarantine regime covering the first weekend of June has been installed and more weekends to follow. From 6th to 8th June in Baku and other 4 big city and districts, it is not allowed to leave the home except in case of medical emergency and funeral of close relatives.

EMDS has been issuing regular reports on the abuse of the rules of the quarantine regime against political opponents and government critics.[1] In the reporting period, the crackdown on political opponents and government critics continued, citizens enjoying freedom of assembly faced hefty fines and arrests. This document covers the new cases of political opportunism and attacks in times of the COVID-19 outbreak until 8th of June together with previously unreported ones.

For the full document, download the file here.