Interim Report On Election Campaigning 1 November 2015 Parliamentary Elections

The Republic of Azerbaijan

Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Centre (EMDS) is a non-partisan and independent non-governmental organization which works for holding free and fair elections and development of civil society and democratic traditions in Azerbaijan. EMDS believes that holding free and fair elections can create necessary conditions for citizens to express their will. It could also be a significant contribution to development of democratic traditions, citizens’ welfare and protection of human rights in the light of current political crisis.

EMDS notes with regret that the election campaigning stage of 1 November 2015 Parliamentary Elections was marred with restrictions of activities of civil society, repression of freedom of speech, limitation of agitation and campaigning, withdrawal of main opposition forces from the race and uncompetitive environment, which raises serious questions about freedom and fairness of elections.

Election campaign was characterized with very low key
Unlike the previous elections, candidates were not allocated free air time on the Public TV, while very high prices for paid air time effectively denied access to number of candidates violating the principle of equality among candidates.

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