We are currently preparing a training on New Voting Technologies (NVT) for electoral stakeholders in Eastern Partnership countries. The seminar aims to create a common understanding and knowledge about what exactly are new voting technologies and how can they increase trust in the electoral process.

The goal is to amplify the pool of experts from both, institutions and civil society in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Belarus, with an advanced awareness on both the advantages and risks of such technological tools in the electoral process. Topics to be treated include, among others, e-voting mechanisms, electoral biometrics to be used for voter’s registration or authentication, technological solutions for electoral results management and updated electoral observation methodologies for NVT.

The winter school will take place 4-8 of December in Hotel Ambasadori Kachreti, located in Kachreti (tbc), Georgia and will be conducted by Jordi Barrat, Ardita Driza-Maurer and Oksana Kulyk,  who have extensive working experience on that issues. Working language will be English (with Russian interpretation). The draft agenda will be available in November.

Potential participants should fulfil following requirements:

  • have a solid understanding on electoral procedures in general
  • have at least 5 years experience working within the electoral field. Among others, members and staff of Electoral Management Bodies, members of the Civil Society Organisations, academia and individual experts working with EMBs are welcome.
  • demonstrate a willingness to invest in the program by developing a thorough understanding in at least one of the following topics;
    • e-voting
    • electoral biometrics (voter’s registration and authentication)
    • electoral results management
  • preferable would be previous knowledge in at least one of the fields
  • have excellent English or Russian language skills: proficiency in understanding and expressing sophisticated ideas and reading professional texts.

Costs for participation and travel will be covered by Council of Europe within the framework of the EU-funded Partnership for Good Governance Programme.

Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae in English by latest 5 November 2017 to  Electoral.Assistance@coe.int