Final Report of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) on the results of monitoring of the 9 February 2020 Early Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan

EMDS carried out long-term observation of the 9 February 2020 Early Parliamentary Elections covering all stages of the election process – nomination of candidates, election campaign, voting and counting of votes on the election day, as well as investigation of post-election complaints
The findings of EMDS’s long term observation indicate that during the Early Parliamentary Elections of 9 February 2020, no positive changes were recorded in ensuring the rights of citizens to freedom of assembly and association, including freedom of expression.
According to EMDS’s statistically based observation, in 47.9% of polling stations across the country voters who were not on the voters’ list were permitted to vote. At the same time, in 21.8% of polling stations, ballot-box stuffing occurred, and in 29.6% of polling stations, one person voted multiple times. Furthermore, independent observers and journalists were subjected to physical and psychological pressure on the election day.
Summarizing the results of the monitoring of the Early Parliamentary Elections held on 9 9 February 2020, EMDS states that the elections were not free, fair, or democratic. There was no alternative and real competition in the elections and thus it did not reflect the true will of the Azerbaijani people.

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