EMDS calls for the end of the pressure against Fuad Ismayilov

EMDS calls law enforcement bodies to investigate the pressure against activist Fuad Ismayılov

EMDS is concerned over the news about activist Fuad Ismayilov who has been beaten up in the Binagadi temporary detention center as reported by his family members.

EMDS notes that the pressure against Fuad Ismayilov is due to his active work in 9 February 2020 early Parliamentary Elections as an observer and during the post-election demonstrations as an active participant. He was the representative of candidate Fikrat Jafarli as an observer in the 8th polling station of the 32nd Surakhani third electoral district during the 9 February 2020 early Parliamentary Elections and was forcibly taken out of the polling station by police for objecting the irregularities. On February 21st, Ismayilov Fuad was detained by police officers in front of the Central Election Commission after he wrote ‘Fu Mazi’(Mazi, the head of the CEC, go away!) to the building nearby, but was later released. However, after this incident, he was arrested two times in a row for possessing drugs and sentenced to 60 days of administrative arrest each time.

On June 23rd, during a short phone call with his mother, he told that two days before the call he was severely beaten up in Binagadi temporary detention center after which his mouth bleed due to the blows. His hands were handcuffed, and he was beaten up by 6 police officers for scratching the word ‘Facebook’ underneath his bed. However, the detention center officers forced Fuad to write and sign a statement to declare the possession of a nail to commit suicide later.

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