This report is prepared by Election Monitoring and  Democracy Studies Centre (EMDS) and aims at raising awareness on the situation of human rights in Azerbaijan and their promotion.

The organization received reports on 102 violations of human rights grouped under 9 categories during April-June 2017. Information on violations was

collected based on reports received from citizens and monitoring of media. All received information has been verified.

The organization received reports from 17 regions across the country. Most of reports were received from large cities like Baku and Ganja, along with Goychay and Beylagan.

Main trends of human rights violations recorded during the second quarter of this year are following:

– Social and economic rights violations constituted majority of received reports similar to previous quarter. These included failure of providing

social protection and other services by local executive authorities.

– Violations of freedom of expression increased in comparison with previous quarter. Situation of free speech have dramatically deteriorated during the period with blocking of main independent news websites, abduction of a journalist living in neighboring Georgia, detention and imprisonment of journalists and activists.

– Violation of right to fair trial continued during this quarter with blatant breach of due process and procedural requirements in trials of politically motivated cases and violations of people’s rights in administrative courts.

– Property rights were violated across the country. These included eviction of people from their houses in connection with demolishment works in Baku and regions. Citizens reported growing number of cases when local executive authorities illegally infringed rights of farmers and Small and Medium Enterprises in regions outside of the capital.

By monitoring of and reporting on the human rightsviolations, EMDS aims at improving the situation of human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan.

The organization received information on violations through monitoring of media, human rights organizations, political parties and individual human

rights activists and through reports submitted to the website by citizens across the country. It should be noted that the document does not encompass information on all violations of human rights in the country. In order to have more detailed information on each case of violation, please visit website or contact us at

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