COVID-19 I bulletin

Information bulletin

of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center

on abuses the COVID-19 response actions during quarantine regime in Azerbaijan

April 10, 2020

The Operative Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers was established on February 27 which confirmed the first case of infection in Azerbaijan a day later. A lock-down regime is declared in Azerbaijan. Shops, cafes, restaurants, malls, most of the service industry is closed down, leaving the home is only allowed for a limited period with a special permit.

Administrative arrests and detentions during the lock-down regime

On March 17th, the Parliament adopted changes to the law on “Information, Informatization and Protection of Information” and Code on Administrative Offences. Preventing the spread of the manipulative news and misinformation on social media as part of COVID-19 response was brought as a justification for the amendments.

For the full document, download the file here.